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The Titanic Stevedore, Southampton

A sculptural figure of a Titanic stevedore and the Titanic ship

Stevedores were charged with loading and unloading cargo from the great ocean liners that called at the city's port.  From the Titanic's arrival in Southampton on 3rd April 1912, the stevedores would have loaded the Titanic with her cargo destined for New York and all the provisions needed for passengers and crew for the voyage on 10th April. In 2009 five metal pole-mounted sculptures were installed around the Holyrood estate, off Orchard Lane in Southampton.  The five sculptures were produced by sculptors Peach and Bill Shaw... Read more

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In the weeks and months after the Titanic disaster the friends, families and communities of those who died raised funds for memorials in memory of their loved ones. These memorials include plaques, portraits, statues and tablets in memory of the officers, crew and passengers aboard the Titanic. As interest in the Titanic story continues, so the number of memorials around the world has grown. Many new memorials were unveiled to remember the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster in 2012. This website tells the story of the memorials and graves for Titanic's passenger and crew, and the sites and monuments around the world that are part of the Titanic story.

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A mural depicting the Titanic, a crane loading the ship with cargo, and a Southampton Stevedore
The grave of surviving Titanic lookout Frederick Fleet in Southampton's Hollybrook Cemetery
A tablet in memory of William Thomas Stead at his birthplace in Embleton, Northumberland
A memorial stone and plaque located near to the departure point in Cherbourg for the Titanic's passengers

Titanic memorials

Titanic memorials

The story of the Titanic; her passengers and crew, victims and survivors told through the memorials, associated historic landmarks and locations in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, North America and worldwide.

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